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Give your business some personality


Every business has a story to tell, a narrative that enhances your brand experience, attracts new clients and provides new direction for growth and expansion. we have a unique formula for revealing, developing and creating that story to help you deliver a powerful message across all communication channels.

There has never been a more important moment to crystallise the personality of your business and develop a distinctive and dynamic relationship with customers, staff and partners. our wealth of experience across the media sector helps us to curate, maintain and develop your story, grow your audience and deliver powerful content that gets to the heart of your narrative.

Our goal is for organisations and businesses large or small across all sectors have access to custom multichannel storytelling of the highest level. our clients are all manner of businesses and we'll work on huge annual projects or half day edits. yes we are disruptive; and proud of it, because ultimately the great divide between public relations, media relations, marketing, publishing, communications, design and branding no longer exists. In its place there is us, a creative consultancy.

Content we've created

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Seriously Big Rock

We still have nightmares about how mind boggling complicated it was to shoot one of the world's most expensive pieces of jewellery. The dust! The dust! THE DUST! And armed guards with shotguns. But it was fun and the shoot was unique.

Left Behind Children

A beautiful but tragic photo essay about children in China whose parents have to permanently leave home to work in the big smoke. The kids are left alone to fend for themselves with ageing relatives or siblings. Wonderful photos by Jasper James.

Eating ASEAN

Try and explain what ASEAN is by using the metaphor of cooking. Lovely shoot in Hong Kong and the perfect recipe for explaining an otherwise very technical do da.

Tough Talk

Mental health is tough to talk about at the best of times but in Asia the stigma is even worse.

It's good to talk.

Awesome photography by Matt.

Rock the bank

Banker by day

Rockstar at night.

Good life balance.

No chart without art

Pharrell gets personal with Monita about how to collaborate, the texture of composition and the interesting friction of juxtaposition (wow!)

Take a wonderful Wiltshire design house and use film to express the character, honesty and quality of their bespoke creations. 

The Gobi Challenge

Documentary coverage of the largest ever expedition across 100km of the Gobi desert. Difficult sub-zero conditions and a lot of different cameras for a small crew. Nightly battery charging missions to tiny villages and too much vodka to mention.

HSBC's visual identity

Working with agency MerchantCantos the challenge was to give HSBC a clear and enticing visual identity by creating an internal communications channel for its workforce; crucial in rebuilding its reputation and promoting staff retention.

CNNGo(es) local

Create a travel show that heads to unusual destinations and has friendly locals show CNN around with a soundtrack provided by local bands. James Partington was Executive Producer of the show generating millions in revenue.

Creating dreams

Get on your bike for inspiration and a different take on your average 'corporate' film. Tap into who people are before you tell the story of their business.

RMBe the change

Try explaining to HSBC why the RMB belongs in the SDR. Yeah a lot of acronyms... but we did it thanks to some help from the Hong Kong trams and harnessing the bank's inner expertise. 

Talking to the stars

Monita weaves some interview magic with some of the world's most enigmatic and exciting celebrities, business leaders and political powerhouses.

Creative Consultants

James Partington
Executive Producer

James has two decades of experience as an Executive Producer and Filmmaker working for CNBC, CNN & Brunswick/MerchantCantos. James was CNN's Executive Producer for Asia-Pacific responsible for all Production, Newsgathering and Features. He has made films for HSBC, HK Ballet and Alibaba among many others. James loves diving and once spent a year teaching blind children to waterski in New Zealand.

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Anchor 2

Monita Rajpal

Journalist & Presenter 

Monita Rajpal is a former CNN Anchor and journalist with more than two decades of experience interviewing everyone from Gorbachev to Pharrell. A natural born writer, a wonderful presenter, moderator and curator of content. Monita can change an interview into an art form.

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Ka Ho Ng

Director and Editor

Ka Ho is a multi-skilled digital content creator specialising in filming, editing and digital graphics. With a keen eye for innovation he's always up to speed with the very latest hardware, equipment and software.


Ka Ho speaks English, Cantonese & Mandarin and has worked worldwide with a diverse array of clients including HSBC, Prudential, AccorHotels, the Peninsula Hotels, Atlantis the Palm and Shangri-la Hotels.

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Matt Elmes

Director & Producer

A vastly experienced creator of compelling content across entertainment, advertising and corporate comms. Matt has worked the world around on projects like Top Gear in China, Masterchef and Location, Location, Location in the UK. He has notched up directing and camerawork with ITN, Guardian, BMW and Lenovo. Matt takes no prisoners and ensures each shoot is on time, on the money and as precise as a Turkish barber's shave.

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We have a broad range of services that extends across the communications landscape, whether producing and advising on visual content and branding. Creating narratives for your business to help focus your message or simply to tell your story by creating a podcast. We can make your product descriptions come alive, advise on social media strategy and connect you with partners in the media. Sometimes our best advice is about how to enhance your branded content without it costing you the earth. Specific services include:

  • content production (written, film, audio, social)

  • brand narratives

  • media and public relations

  • broadcast

  • podcasts​

  • communication strategy

  • web design and content

  • social media strategy

  • journalism

  • editorials/articles/advertorials

  • mission statements/press releases/bios

  • branding

  • creative audits

Amplify Your Creativity


More than just content

ready made creative packages

All our packages are tailored to individual client requirements and this list is aimed at providing an understanding of the type of services that you can use.


Brand film 

  • Recorded multi camera interviews with participants

  • edited 2-3 minute brand film

  • soundbites for social media and web use

  • transcript

Audio interview package (podcasting)

  • Recorded one hour interview

  • edited podcast audio content

  • soundbites for social media and web use

  • transcript

  • feature/article/advertorial

Audiovisual interview package

  • Filmed 2xCamera one hour interview

  • Edited Interview 

  • Soundbites for social media and web use

  • Transcript

  • Feature/Article/Advertorial


Magazine Editorials 

  • Phone interview

  • Selected soundbites 

  • Transcript

  • Feature/Article/Advertorial


Written content for websites, social media, publication 

  • Mission Statements

  • website descriptions

  • press releases

  • biographies

Media training

  • Full training for Film/Web/Podcast or Live/Interview/Presentation

  • Recorded video sessions

  • technology assistance and advice

  • lighting and presentation skills

  • confidence building 

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